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M27 - Dumbell Nebula

The Dumbbell Nebula (also known as Messier 27, M 27, or NGC 6853) is a planetary nebula (PN) in the constellation Vulpecula, at a distance of about 1,360 light years.

This object was the first planetary nebula to be discovered; by Charles Messier in 1764. At its brightness of visual magnitude 7.5 and its diameter of about 8 arcminutes, it is easily visible in binoculars, and a popular observing target in amateur telescopes.

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  First try at M27 - July 7, 2007

27 60-second exposures at ISO 800
Orion ED80
Un-modified Canon RebelXT 350D
No filters

Darks/Flats/Bias applied.
  2nd Try - July 26, 2008

20 60-second exposures at ISO 800
Orion ED80
Hap Griffin-modified Canon RebelXT 350D
No filters

Darks/Flats/Bias applied.

Published in the Sky & Telescope Magazine's Photo Gallery.
  Collection of previously-taken exposures from July 2007 and July 2008

Re-processed on 4/24/2012

45 60-second exposures
Orion ED80
Canon RebelXT 350D
ISO 800

Darks, Flats, and Bias applied.


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